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Scenes or Frames? For AS3.0 game's scenes

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Hi again everybody !!

I studied long time ago AS1.0 and now that I'm learning AS3.0, a lot of the functions and the general usage of the language makes a lot of sense to me.

Something that I used a lot for my game's scenes are the Scenes, in which I create around 4 or 5 and called them like: Game, Credits, Instructions, Intro, etc. And then play them in a logical order.

Now, something that I have seen a lot is not the use of Scenes, but the use of frames. Is there any difference in this? I heard that using Scenes will slow down the game? I always used it and never happen that. What do you think??

Thanks so much !!

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Hello everybody.

For those who has the same question as I do, I found some useful articles on the internet. I concluded that using frames is much better than using scenes. Maybe you can use an extra scene for the preloader object, but still you can make it in the first frame. Read here:

Happy coding everyone !!

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