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Class Initializer

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I have a class with members as follows:

typedef void (*size_fn)(int, int);
typedef void (*key_fn)(InputType, int);
typedef void (*pointer_fn)(InputType, int, int);

typedef std::hash_map<const void*, size_fn> size_handle_c;
typedef std::hash_map<const void*, key_fn> key_handle_c;
typedef std::hash_map<const void*, pointer_fn> pointer_handle_c;

size_handle_c size_handles;
key_handle_c key_handles;
pointer_handle_c pointer_handles;

And am trying to initialize them in the constructor as follows:

EventManager* EventManager::instance = NULL;

: size_handles(), key_handles(), pointer_handles()
instance = this;

Problem is, when I go to handle an event:

void EventManager::FirePointer(InputType type, int x, int y) const
if(pointer_handles.size() == 0) return;

pointer_handle_c::const_iterator i = pointer_handles.cbegin(); //Access violation
pointer_handle_c::const_iterator e = pointer_handles.cend();

while(i != e) i++->second(type, x, y);

I get an access violation at the indicated line. It looks like all my hash_maps are also basically uninitialized. Did I completely miss something in construction?

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False alarm. The problem ended up being in a completely different place:

EventManager* EventManager::GetInstance()
if(EventManager::instance) EventManager::instance; //Should be if(EventManager::instance) return EventManager::instance;

return EventManager::instance;


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For future reference, this code:

class Foo
: Member_Bar()
{ }

Is precisely identical to this code:

class Foo { };

All of your members are default-constructed unless otherwise specified.

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