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best game engine for Java, c#, Lua

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halfmoonINC    107
[size=4]I need a game engine some requirements need to be met tell me if it has these (you don't have to if you don't want to)[/size]


[size=4]1. i want 2D but 3D engines are fine[/size]

[size=4]2. i need it to have a interface or at least something i have to download to get the interface (by interface i mean sprites, animation, models ect. can be added with no code)[/size]

[size=4]3. i don't want mobile development it can be cross platform but not mobile i [u][i][b]HAVE TO STRESS THIS RULE ALOT JUST PLEASE DON'T PUT UP MOBILE ENGINES[/b][/i][/u][/size]

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jbadams    25676
[url=""]Construct 2[/url] might be worth a look -- it's designed around creating 2d games entirely through the use of a visual editor. You drag & drop objects, configure properties, and add "behaviours" to your objects, and then use a sort of visual scripting interface to add your game logic using "events". Additional behaviours or plugins can be created using a JavaScript SDK. It creates HTML5 games, but has an executable exporter planned for the next release.

[url=""]Game Maker[/url] might also be worth a look -- it's similar to a more mature version of the above, although I personally prefer the interface of Construct 2 and think it will end up as an indisputably better option once a few newer features (.exe exporter, webgl shader support, better mobile exporters (also planned for the next release!), etc.) are added.

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