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The Call of Arms MMO

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hello im brent junker and are you interested in the world of game development
if you are we have some exciting news for you
we are searching for artist, web developers and c++ programers

to get started we are Robotic Squirrel Studios and we are developing a free to play mmo rpg

Game Name:
The Call of Arms

This is an MMORPG based off of a new dark setting of it's own creation,
promoting something more ecstatic than other things presented in
typical F2P MMO environments. It will feature complex mechanics for an MMORPG,
and freedom of choice, including a grim and dark, yet enjoyable setting.

All of the Kingdoms at the moment are at war, and have been at war. It has lead
to a war of attrition-- Resources. However, as of lately, it's been inactive.
Meteorite lands with the crystal, promising to give those who use it the power
to win whatever they see fit and necessary, being fought for. It was taken
by a small group, trying to harness it. Instead, it released an aura around
the world that at every pole, creating a specific cloud that itself spread the
plague. It stopped the war, leading to anarchy, monarchies disbanded. It lead to
small factions that itself wage war against each other in a world where expansion
is limited due to the plague changing people who are exposed. A Kingdom survived,
where the condition is poor due to state of events. Resources are at a low, unable
to be reaped. People who don't know how to fight, are forced into war to survive,
where food and metal and wood is rare, due to possible exposure.
we are searching for people who are interested in developing a video game
we are using the powerful Squirrel Tech engine to develop a brand new mmo
we have implemented a non-point-and-click fighting system

what we need:
3d modelers,
c++ developers,
creative writers,
UI designers

job requirements

to design images for the game

3d modelers,
must be able to work in Max 2008
to design items, npc's, and monsters

c++ developers,
must be able to work in a vs2008 and vs2010 environments
must have prior knowledge of game engines
must have knowledge of server side or client side mechanics for a mmorpg

creative writers,
must be able to come up with quest that can match the storyline

UI designers,
must be able to work with xml and lua

for all jobs you must be able to communicate via TeamSpeak 3 or irc
for all jobs you must be over the age of 18 to sign a contract
for all jobs you must be able to use a tracker to be able to report what is done

if you are interested in helping with this game please email me at: junker10@roboticsquirrelstudios.com
or call me at (503) 573-8382 ex: 101 Edited by junker10

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I'm not applying for any poosition, but I wanted to say that your model looks really good with a natural flowing movement. Good job :-)

Best of luck with your recruitment.

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