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Moving Backwards - OpenGL

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captacha    141
I'm using this algorithim to move the camera fowards:
case SDLK_w:
Vector tmp;
tmp.x = view.x - main.x;
tmp.y = view.y - main.y;
tmp.z = view.z - main.z;
view.x = tmp.x + view.x;
view.z = tmp.z + view.z;
main.x = tmp.x + main.x;
main.z = tmp.z + main.z;

I tried adding * -1 to the end of Lines 8-11, but I didn't work, how can I get the camera to move backwards?

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DangerDoom    1103
You just have to multiply the amount that you're moving by -1. It looks like your [b]tmp[/b] vector is the amount of the movement? Multiply tmp by -1. You may even want to normalize it first, so the camera always moves by 1 unit, making it a smooth movement. You can then scale the vector to move the camera faster or slower.

Hope this helps.

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