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C++ graphics newbie help.

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infernapelover    161
I've started c++ 6 months ago. I have made many text based games. I want to start making graphical games now. My target, a tetris game. I started learning a little directx, maybe not the best idea for a newbie. 1) does anybody know a good tetris tutorial.
2) a good multidimensional array tutorial
3)question:to make a game map, like one In an RPG,what would be the requirements, how would I put it into a game. Could I just draw it in paint or would I need to use a program or something else.
Thanks in advance, any answer is helpful

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theark    336
Here is some information I managed to find searching through google:

I can't see a problem with going in and learning DirectX. If you find it hard to work with though, there are plenty of alternatives. Try SDL, or I believe some people on here refer to SFML. And to make a map, well that depends, are you referring to a 2D map?

If 2D, then i'd use a tilebased system, using multidimensional array to hold the tile, and looping through and rendering. You could also go down the Isometric route, if you wanted to do something more like Diablo. actually have a book, Beginning Game Programming (Chapter 6 and 7) which explains this quite well. In practice though, you could define the level information in an external file, and use C++ to load that data from the file, that way to create/update a new map, you wouldn't need to recompile your code.

Good Luck.

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