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Tips for programming a road building tool

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I am fairly new to game programming and I am trying to build a simple system where I can construct a road on a plane. I would like to implement a road building tool similar to Cities XL's road tool where you can click and drag the mouse to create curved roads on a terrain.

At this point I know how to get the coordinates of the on the plane according to the mouse click by casting a ray and gathering the result. My first thought is to collect the coordinates and create an array of road models and place them between the mouse clicks, I just don't know how to implement the curve. I googled various curve algorithms but I don't know how to implement them and I don't know if this is the best approach to solving the problem. I'm just looking for advise on how to approach this. Thanks in advance.

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Curves are definetely one way of implementing the road system. One way is to use Catmull-Rom splines. Here is the function I use:

Vector CatmullRomSpline(const Vector &P1,const Vector &P2,const Vector &P3,const Vector &P4,float t)
float t2 = t * t;
float t3 = t * t2;

return ((P2 * 2.0f) + (-P1 + P3) * t + (P1 * 2.0f - P2 * 5.0f + P3 * 4.0f - P4) * t2 + (-P1 + P2 * 3.0f - P3 * 3.0f + P4) * t3) * 0.5f;

It requires four position vectors along the path (p1-p4) and an interpolator between 0.0 - 1.0. The curve is calculated between the points P2 and P3. This function allows you to calculate a smooth curve for your road. After you have created the desired curve, you may offset the curve by the half road width along the normals of the curve.


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