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Need books for C++, Python and C#

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Hey I am looking for: Up to date books on C++, Python and C#. I have been looking on Google but haven't found one i quite like so if you
could please post some great books or manuals or whatever then that would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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I posted a topic yesterday looking for good online sources to learn MODERN C++. The links in that topic should provide some pretty solid references and recommended the book C++ Primer, 5th Edition. Whilst I haven't read the new version I remember liking the third edition when I worked through it.

For Python, the documentation on the website is very good, and you might try Thinking In Python or A Byte of Python.

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Not sure about Python



Pros -

  • Explains things really nicely
  • Gets straight to the point

    Cons -

    • Doesnt cover everything (it states this in the beginning though)
    • Examples are very basic (this is great for referencing or learning though)


      Pros -

      • Covers a lot of areas
      • Explains in more detail
      • Nicely Organised

        Cons -

        • Misses important sections out


          Pros -

          • Covers everything else that isnt mentioned in the two books above

            Cons -

            • Author likes to bore you with theory that isnt even helpful
            • Not organised nice at all

              I would recommend getting all 3 books, if the C# 5.0 ones are not available the 4.0 will do, MSDN is also a great resource but not really good for learning directly from, if you read those books in the order above (covering the topics necessary) you will be fine.

              For framework related sections I would advise getting a separate book as theres just too much content involved for those books above to explain. Things like Windows Forms / ASP.NET can be replaced with WPF / ASP.NET MVC (unless you need to learn the other versions).


              Although new versions should be out I recommend



              There is a new version of that book coming out though here


              Those books were written or partially written by the creator of C++, its hard to explain the pros and cons as I used the books with C++11 resources, on their own their fine, just a little outdated but they best go with C++11 resources, not really sure of any decent C++11 books.

              Dont be put off by their publishing date either, sure their old but still very useful, they even helped me in C# too

              An overview of C++11 features is here

              http://www.stroustru...m/C 11FAQ.html Edited by Dynamo_Maestro

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