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Alberto La Rocca


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as preannounced in Canvace's official discussion, the first game entirely based on Canvace is under development. its name is Ladybug.

Canvace games are HTML5 games: Ladybug works on any HTML5-enabled device, although a minimum computing power is required, so it will be too slow on less equipped phones. Anyway it was successfully tested on iPhone 4 and iPad, where it runs very smoothly.

Several screenshots follow:


Incoming features:

  • more playable levels, the current one is only a test
  • spiders will move back and forth and will shoot web bullets

    I'd like to sincerely thank our graphic artists: Luca, Marina and Stefania. Without them, Ladybug would be a crap :D

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bump: we are designing the game levels and we are also working to improve performances: Canvace 0.2.4 will support requestAnimationFrame.

If you wish to see the difference, compare the current version with the new experimental one. smile.png

(one at a time, otherwise they will both suck as the situation is pretty critical :D )

other than introducing rAF support we reduced memory footprint and experimented some solutions to speed up our rendering algorithms.

unfortunately rAF works really bad on mobile devices: I still have to test on iPhone, but the rAF version of the game works much worse than the setInterval version on iPad, which I guess is not exactly what rAF specification developers meant when they started specifying it, lol.

in some cases iPad's Safari even crashed :| Edited by 71104

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