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Talented composer looking for great games to score

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I'm looking for really fun or artistically powerful indie games to score. I've been composing for 18 years and have experience with several professional projects (which you can read about at my portfolio: http://luqui.net). I take pride in my versatility and ability to create uniquely appropriate music for unique games. If you are working on an idea that you are proud of and want to take it to the next level with professional music and sound custom made for your game, I'm your man. If you heard about me from this forum, let me know and I will give you an additional 25% off my indie prices.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you,
Luke Palmer
Music by luqui - luke@luqui.net

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--- Looks like this got moved to "Your Announcements". This post originally appeared in "Music and Sound". Fair enough.


I feel a bit bad about down-voting these threads without comment, so let me make a quick statement before Nate locks this.

If you took the time and effort to at least check a few posts on the first page of this forum section, you'd see that portfolio / job seeking threads are not encouraged here and threads like this are locked.
This forum is not a black-board, and it's not a good sign for a professional service provider if they can't even check where they're posting their stuff.

Also, other people pay good money to be listed in the Classified sections, and whether you do it on purpose or not, each thread is unpaid-for ad space, and it just seems unfair.

Hope this post doesn't seem too rude - it is in no way just directed at you, Luke. Best of luck to you!

That said: Nate, could you make a separate "Read this first" sticky so people can't miss the Classified section?

Thank you,
Moritz Edited by Moritz P.G. Katz

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