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unity3d:how to control a 360 gamepad

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i am a beginner learning unity.

i just finished chapter 6 of "Unity 3 Game Development Hotshot." and i just got a 360 gamepad controller. in the book, the player can aims and then shoot a rocket launcher. i found out which joystick to use and pressed 'A' to fire. but how to program so that i don't have to press 'E' on my keyboard to aim?

also, i still have to use my mouse to control the crosshair. can i use one of joystick on my controller? how do i program unity to map the joystick on my controller? i looked at mouseLook_JS.js, and have no idea how to insert codes to get the input from one of my joystick on the controller. by default, i can move the player, forward/backward/left and right and i can fire while holding 'E' key of my keyboard.

i also dont understand what is Dpad and 5th or 6th Axis?

is there a way to read the inputs in the controller and print out the codes in unity?

any help will be appreciated. Edited by nickme

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i finally realized that i have to setup the input manager. but in my mouseLook_JS.js, how do i know which input to update transform.localEulerAngles? in my input manager, i added 2 more elements, Mouse1 X and Mouse1 Y. and have their types set to Joystick axis. and their Axis set to 6th Axis and 7th Axis. but how do i know which input to assign to localEulerAngles?

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The 6th and 7th axes doesn't exist on a 360 gamepad. It has 6 axes numbered from 0 (ie 0 to 5, not 1 to 6)

DPad is literally the direction pad, they are not recognised as actual buttons and are instead classed as a POV hat (which unity calls a DPad, makes more sense on xbox to call it that anyway).
The 5th and 6th axes are the triggers, they aren't digital 1 or 0 input so are read as a full joystick axis.

I think the axes in order are:
0-Left thumbstick X
1-Left thumbstick Y
2-Right thumbstick X
3-Right thumbstick Y
4-Left trigger
5-Right trigger

The X and Y's may be the wrong way round, I think it is read X first though. If unity does infact recognise them as axes numbered 1 to 6 then simply add one the the numbers I've given. If it still insists that there is a 6th axis (or 7th in the event it does number from one) then that one might be a little more complex. Instead of reading each trigger individually it might be outputting the following:

-left_trigger + right_trigger

Not so complex but assuming trigger output is a number between 0 and 1 instead of getting a number for each individual trigger you may be getting a number between -1 and 1 thats sort of a net force across both triggers (this can be useful for a few things occasionally).

Handling input of gamepad buttons is often very similar to a keyboard. Handing the axes can be more difficult though and is also very different to handling a mouse for mouse input. I think the unity website actually has tutorials dedicated to handling gamepad input rather than keyboard, that might give better information than I can (I've only used the 360 pad in XNA, I've never used unity)

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