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Check Out My New Game OST's and Tell Me What You Think!

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Hello everybody!

My soundtrack for an indie horror game, "Ascension" is a work in progress. It's my first game soundtrack and I'd really like to what some experienced composers think about it :) The link is below.

"Ascension" Soundtrack

I was also working simultaneously on a Tetris-Like indie game. This soundtrack is finished, but I would still like to hear your thoughts! For one of the songs, the developer wanted the tetris theme with cats singing over it. Besides that song, the rest are original. The link is below.

"Tetris-like Game" Soundtrack

Finally, for my demo reel, I put original music over 3 different game trailers. I would REALLY like to hear your thoughts on this since it is my demo reel!

"Hope is Lost"


"The Adventure Begins"

I'm sorry for posting so much stuff, but from what I see, you guys are great composers and I would really like to hear some feedback. Thanks.

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Ascension's opening track is really nice! I really like the orchestration and the overall approach. For the the piano-like sound could you add something that would give it more depth? The reason why I suggest this is because all of your other layers have a more realistic and "deeper" sound to it and the piano doesn't. It feels rather hollow.

Another idea: when the song's pattern and form repeats consider changing it some. This way the listener catches the repeat but also notices the changes in this new section. Those changes could be harmonic, textural, different melody, etc.

Also I feel a track that wants to be spooky can have more ebb and flow in the tempo.

Cold Storage: Dude! Totally reminds me of The 7th Guest and the 11th Hour. Very nice and intriging mood here. A bit short and repetitive if it's going to be an in-game loop but that's just my opinion. Some of the other suggestions I made for the opening track can apply here as well.

Thanks for sharing!


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