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importing mesh file into maya

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Hello everyone I am trying to import a mesh format into maya and I can get the geometry to import fine but I can not figure out how uv's work correctly to save my life. any help is great smile.png Here is my current script I can send a sample file if needed to see what I am doing wrong.
# Maya Python script
import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.OpenMaya as om
import struct
def get_mobject(node):
selectionList = om.MSelectionList()
oNode = om.MObject()
selectionList.getDependNode(0, oNode)
return oNode
fname = cmds.fileDialog2(fm=1, ff='Music Girl:Hatsune Miku .mdl (*.mdl);;All Files (*.*)')[0]
f = open(fname, "rb")
magic = struct.unpack("4s",f.read(4))[0]
header = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(16))
f.seek(0x60, 0)
vertInfo = []
for i in range(0 ,header[3]):
meshInfo = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(0x10))
meshMatrix = struct.unpack("12f",f.read(0x30))
meshInfo2 = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(0x10))
boneInfo = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(0x10))
texInfo = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(0x10))
matInfo = struct.unpack("4i",f.read(0x10))
vertOff = struct.unpack(str(header[3]) + "i",f.read(header[3] * 4))
faceOff = struct.unpack(str(header[3]) + "i",f.read(header[3] * 4))
weightOff = struct.unpack(str(header[3]) + "i",f.read(header[3] * 4))
for i in range(0 ,header[3]):
vertexArray = om.MFloatPointArray()
normalArray = om.MFloatPointArray()
uArray = om.MFloatArray()
vArray = om.MFloatArray()
uvCounts = om.MIntArray()
uvIds = om.MIntArray()
f.seek(vertOff, 0)
for a in range(0 ,vertInfo[0][1]):
verts = struct.unpack("8f",f.read(32))
pt = om.MFloatPoint(verts[0],verts[1], verts[2])
vArray.append((verts[7] * -1) + 1)
f.seek(faceOff, 0)
pConnects = om.MIntArray()
pCounts = om.MIntArray()
for a in range(0 ,vertInfo[0][0]):
faceCount = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
matID = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
fstart = f.tell()
StartDirection = -1
f1 = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
f2 = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
FaceDirection = StartDirection
while f.tell() < (fstart + (2 *faceCount )):
f3 = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
if f3 == 0xFFFF:
f1 = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
f2 = struct.unpack("H",f.read(2))[0]
FaceDirection = StartDirection
FaceDirection *= -1
if (f1 != f2 and f1 != f3 and f3 != f2) :
if FaceDirection > 0:
f1 = f2
f2 = f3
f.seek(weightOff, 0)
uvCounts = pCounts
mesh = om.MFnMesh()
ShapeMesh = cmds.group(em=True) # <-- we create an empty group/ trnasform node that will receive the mesh node as a sibling
parentOwner = get_mobject( ShapeMesh )
meshMObj = mesh.create(vertInfo[0][1], len(pCounts), vertexArray, pCounts, pConnects, uArray, vArray ,parentOwner ) #<-- don't forget to add a parent owner
cmds.sets( 'null' + str(i + 1), e=True,forceElement='initialShadingGroup') # <--assign the defaut lambert shader
defaultUVSetName = '"hello"'
mesh.setUVs( uArray, vArray, defaultUVSetName )
#for a in range(0 ,mesh.numPolygons()):
# for point in range(0 ,3):
# mesh.assignUV(a, point, pConnects[a*3+point] )
mesh.assignUVs(pCounts,pConnects, defaultUVSetName)
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sorry the problem was an error in my reading of triangle strips the script works fine now.

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