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Mason Blueberrie Boring

So, I'm planning on making a fantasy PvP game...

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I'm planning on the game being f2p, with 7 classes.

Ranger, Guardian, Warrior, Spellcaster, Gearmaster, Creator, and Artisan.

Each of these classes have a special role on the battlefield, and you can change and customize each of these classes freely, alot like Team Fortress 2. (a game I drew a bit of inspiration from)

All items in this game will be available for free. weapons, accessories, ect.
And unlike most PvP games, when you buy/craft an item, you keep it forever, none of that silly "You can keep this for 30 days!" crap.

However,there is no in-game currency. You can craft an item by collecting materials. Materials are obtained by doing special things within a map, and by completing a match. It usually takes a good amount of time to get the materials, and there's a randomized chance to get the item, or a piece of junk.

If you don't feel like doing all that work for a randomized chance to get that item, you can simply buy it for real money. Real money will also give you the ability to name, recolor, and add descriptions to your gear. which other player will see when you kill them, or if they check your inventory.

The graphics are going to be easy on the eyes, not too realistic or anything.

I wanted the ability to play in both first, and third person. When you move, your camera will be at a slant if your head is at a slant, making movement appear a tad more interesting.
Like most pvp games, you will be able to create clans, but because it's a fantasy game, I decided to name them Guilds.

I'm currently coming up with ideas, learning programming/modeling, and planning out my future and who i'm going to work with, I came here to see if you guys had any ideas, as i'd love to hear them.

Thanks to those who read this entire post.

an aspiring game designer

(PS: This is just the basic info about the game, it's not the only thing i have thought up. I'm currently working on class balance ideas, and how combat should work, as it's real time, not turn based, and there's no skills in the game.)

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I had a similar idea, only less classes for easier balancing and less work. I've never finished anything worth selling, let alone a 3D PvP game, but I've always wondered how hard it would be. You never account for every problem when designing or speculating about something on a Saturday afternoon in a comfortable chair with a glass of water leisurely browsing the interwebs.

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[quote name='Legendre' timestamp='1347274420' post='4978529']
If this is your first game, it is too ambitious.

Never underestimate the power of ambition :)

Any project is doable if a person / team commit to it, it may require a lot of time and effort but it is still doable

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