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Looking for VOICE ACTORS for space exploration game

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[font=times new roman,times,serif][size=5]You can read a snippet of information on our game at [b][color=#ff0000][removed][/color][/b].[/size][/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Hello, I am looking for voice actors for the game I am developing. I have a small audition test script; please send your audio clip to [b][color=#ff0000][removed][/color][/b].[/font]

[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]If I like your audition and it fits what I'm looking for, I will send you an email back notifying you.
I ask that you have an excellent quality microphone. No fuzz, no background noise, etc. Although if you currently have a non-par microphone and you plan to get a AAA microphone in the near future, you may submit with your worse one. The following is just the test script, it will not actually be used in the game; Just for me to judge if I like your voice or not. Please do both characters to the best of your ability![/font]


Title the email "Zuhon Voice Audition By (NAME)".

[size=2]thanks![/size] Edited by jbadams
Removed contact information -- recruiting must be done using our classifieds system.

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