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Dutch Elections: 6 party leaders transformed into game characters

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Hi there,

Over at our XeNTaX Game Research Forum we have a modding theme called "You play with us, we play with you", started last Sunday. Based on the upcoming elections on the 12th of September, the idea was to introduce leaders of 6 Dutch political parties into games of choice. This has resulted in the following mods in just a week:

Fall Out: New Vegas, [url=""][/url]
Counterstrike: Source,[url="http://"][/url]
Counterstrike 1.6, [url=""][/url]
Grand Theft Auto IV, [url=""][/url]

Some YouTube footage of the Dutch politicians in [url=""]FO:NV[/url], [url=""]CSS[/url], [url=""]CS1.6[/url] and [url=""]GTAIV[/url].

Now we can play as THEM and battle it out!

The Game Research Forum is dedicated to game modding and file exploration. The mods are great examples.
Kind regards,
Mike Zuurman

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