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Dark Days - Zombie FPS RPG made in Unity 3D

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Hi there!
I just wanted to show you guys a project me and my team are working on right now, and hear any feedback I can get on it.
It's a INDIE game and we are working on it full time, it's not our first game, but it's our first bigger title and we need ANY support we can, if it's in form of donations or just a like on facebook it all makes a LOT of difference to us!

A short video, this is a first video so keep that in mind! smile.png


Here's a description of our game:

Dark Days™ is a zombie survival PC game that is set in the 1950s.

The world around you is reminiscent of the way life was in the early years of the (alternative history) Cold War. The news is no longer be on the radio; it's right outside your safe house.

The only way for you to get supplies is to scavenge for them. You can use your supplies to craft weapon modifications, make ingestible substances, and build barricades and safe houses anywhere in the world.

The crafting systems in other zombie games are linear and predefined. Developers make new objects and set the specifications required to craft them. We, on the other hand, want a very dynamic and unique experience in all things, including crafting. Players should be able to not only craft predefined things; they should also be able to add modifications to those objects in any place they desire, with the only limiting factors being space and weight.

When we talk about making a highly dynamic environment, we also mean a dynamic apocalyptic result. The zombie virus strains will change over time. Your tactics on Z-Day +1 might not work on Z-Day +200. This makes each game month a unique and challenging experience.

Multiplayer modes do not force cooperation, but survivors will last much longer if they work together.

If you have any questions, or just want to comment on it, please hit us up or just pm us or talk to us!
Our website: http://darkdaysthegame.com
Our forum: http://forum.darkdaysthegame.com
Our Steam Greenlight page: http://steamcommunit...ls/?id=93074061

And here's some images as well:

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