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Want to join java project

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Hello. I'm learning Java right now. Started for realsies like six months ago. I've been in 3D for over 12 years. I know lots of math (university level, first year, linear algebra, calculus and so on) and physics.

I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for things to do in programming so I was hoping that there might be some project out there that I might join. It doesn't have to be games. All I want is like, "Hey, could you make a class with methods for figuring out these things?" and "I don't understand your commentary, make it clearer!" and "The names for methods usually use these conventions, please rename!" or "There's a bug in your code, find it!" and so on.

Reason I come to this forum is becouse games are closely related to what I already have a lot of experience in. And my dream is to one day be able to make procedural graphics; making rocks, trees, clouds, water and terrain out of formulas. I know a lot of it can be made in theory.

Thanks in advance! And appologies if this is the wrong forum!

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Hmm, well one idea that comes to mind is to contribute to some open source project. Find something that interests you, and then:[list]
[*]Subscribe to the mailing list.
[*]If possible, just use the software (hard to do if it's just a library). Become a power user.
[*]Get your development environment set up so you can build and test the project. (This is a given, but the importance of this cannot be overstated.)
[*]Find the bug/issue tracker site for the project.
[*]Look at code submissions from the community. Read the code. Try to understand it. Ask questions about it.
[*]Find some "low-hanging fruit" in the issue tracker. Write some code to address it. If you get stuck, ask questions on the mailing list/IRC/whatever.

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