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Sound Forge Pro vs. Audio Studio

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Hi there,

at work I occasionally have to fiddle with audio files.
While at home I have my good old Sound Forge from good ol' times when this stuff was bundled with expensive sound cards, at work I currently use the free Audacity.
But it's getting on my nerves, the lack of features and mostly, the clumsy way to achieve things.
I intend to ask the guys from upstairs to buy some Sound Forge version, a current version like Pro 10 is a bit expensive for the not so frequent use, and ebay here doesn't list older versions anymore, too bad.

I've read some bad comments about the cheap version, "Audio Studio".
How castrated is it really compared to the real deal?
Actually I usually don't need more than basic wave editing, format conversions of all sorts, etc.. No fancy effects or stuff only relevant to music production (well maybe some basic filtering every now and then).

Is Audio Studio usable enough, or extremely dumbed down?

Perhaps I'd consider free alternatives, but since I mostly hear "Audacity" when asking for "the best free editor", I haven't looked much further.
I'm quite comfy with Sound Forge.

Thanks for your input,

- unshaven

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