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Game Jam

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MgJ25 is a game contest - [url=""][/url]

the theme is the [color=#FF0000]future[/color]

it starts on the 13th of september and ends on the 7th of october

This Jam is open to all dvelopers


you have to make your game in the allocated time

you must submit your video of gameplay and blog about your game on this site


-$40 itunes gift voucher

-$50 graphic buffet voucher

-Firefly Hero tutorial pack


-3d Blocks template worth £29.99

-Stupid Pixels Template worth £19.99

-Simple Smart Soundboard Template worth £9.99


-The amazingly powerful 3D modeling, rendering and animation software worth $99

-Studio Pro pack(donated by GameMaker themselves) worth $99 Edited by ridhwaan08

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