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Unity Abbreviations for programming related words-

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im TIRED of having to write ' programming languages' and the like so continuously, so i decided to ask the community and invent some abbreviations for commonly used words by programmers.

programmer-Pro# i thought of the hash sign since its easy to just tap it with your finger.
programming language prgmL
Game engine: GE

i can barely think of any right now but when im actually writing code im full of them!!!

feel free to post more and ill add them to the original thread!!

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I'm not sure I see the point of doing this, at least on the specific terms you cite. It takes me less than two seconds to type "programming languages," even with capitalization, and I would expect that the majority of programmers have a similar typing speed. "Script" and "coding" take even less time to type. Even worse, the introduction of all these abbreviations would just make posts confusing to those who don't know the abbreviations and introduce a communication lag even to those who know what they mean, so not only is this pointless (at least for the examples cited), I think it would actually [i]reduce[/i] communication speed. Remember that most of the communication on a forum occurs via other people reading your posts - the time you spend writing a post is minuscule next to the amount of time a post will live on a forum, so focusing on making your posts understandable to everyone is a good goal to have if you want your ideas to actually reach people. Introducing abbreviations for everything (especially the ones cited) will make posts less immediately understandable.

What use case do you have in mind for these abbreviations of yours? Edited by Oberon_Command

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BTW, abbreviations in actual programs are bad, mkay?

Write code for clarity, not conciseness. The two are related, but not to the point that we should be compressing and decompressing our program text mentally. The mental overhead of doing so would literally mean bumping out other, more-important facts, such as the current value of a variable while debugging, etc. It's proven that most humans can only actively retain and track something like 7 distinct pieces of data at once.

What's saving a couple keystrokes if it costs you mental efficiency in the end? Edited by Ravyne

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I have a suggestion ... why don't all you young people stop using "code" as a verb? -- that way you won't need an abbreviation for "coding". It's "writing code", dammit ... (Get off my lawn!) Edited by jwezorek

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