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Recently I've started learning Direct2D. Now I wanted to start learning Direct2D to do a project which was not involving a game, but just a simple UI. So creating my own controls, this could become handy in the future and I think it's not as diffiuclt as a game.

Now my design of my control is like this:

[CODE]struct MESSAGE_ID // so I can use 1 functions for the messages

struct DrawInfo // the draw structure, so I can draw the icon or something
dword bitmapID;
std::pair. ..

class Control

void SetSize(...)
void SetPos(...)

std::pair possition;
std::pair size;

void OnMessage(MESSAGE_ID id); // call user setted function trhougha void* pointer

class Button() : public Control


My idea is basically that a class holds all the info and returns a DrawInfo structure to the paiting class. And that a button for example is just a icon, which can change when someone clicked it or whatsoever. Is this the propper way of doing this?

Also, I draw my window in the WM_PAINT message and update it when a user does something or else in the WM_PAINT message to, is this also correct?



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