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having problems finding sprites

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Hi, I'd like to make a game for android, but having tough time finding sprites I can use.
For first game, I was able to persuade my wife to make the images for me, but she doesn't have much time, so I'm looking elsewhere.
It wouldn't be out of question to buy some images, but price would have to be basically very low to actually hire someone. For example if there's a CD with 1,000 sprites, which I could use some of for 20 bucks, I'd probably get it, but I can't afford to pay $X per sprite, so not looking for freelancers.

Went through "Free 2d/3d art assets '09!"
and there's one reasonable collection there, but it's rather small.

Are there other free lists of images?
Or maybe 1,000 sprites for X dollars?

I'm terrible at graphics myself, so I haven't really tried doing sprites myself, but if there are tools that make it super easy, that someone could recommend?

Or am I possibly overlooking something, and now everything should be 3d (I wanted to stay away from adding that much complexity so early on in the process of building first few apps). I have no experience with 3d either.

edit: Dave, those are excellent points, but I'm not looking for unique images, just nice looking legal to use images. I would definitely write 1k of code if I can sell it for 20 dollars a thousand times over. I'm assuming such image bundles exist, and I just didn't find them.
Thank you for all the links, I'm looking through them now.

Thank you Edited by abeylin

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Have you checked here: [url=""][/url] ?

I'm not sure if there's a something like that available, but depending on your project there are hundreds of random sprite sheets of dubious origins floating around, but there should be some that are royalty free. It also depends on what kind of project you're working on- 2D platformers kind of dominate as far as I can tell. I'm actually working on eventually releasing some sort of grab-bag of sprites for beginners, but I'm not sure what else is available out there (I probably should).

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I don't want to seem mean, but you really are over-looking something.

Creating art assets isn't easy, let alone animation of sprites.

Most "free sprites" or bundles have open licencing that shouldn't be used for games you intend to sell anyways.
And when you see what freelance artists charge, it is for their skill, training, experience, time and the final product. Without all of that, you wouldn't have assets that will represent your game well at all.

Just as the programming is important to the game mechanics, the art is important in the interaction with the player themselves.

If you are serious about creating a game for a market place like Android, you need to commit.
Hiring a freelance artist is probably the best route to take since you will get assets that are to order, are unique, and that you own.

Again, not trying to be mean, just saying you're under-valuing the visual side of game design by looking for [i]"[/i][i]1000 sprites for $20." [/i]

Would you write 1,000 lines of functioning code for $20?

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Dave has an excellent point, the chances of finding [i]good [/i]royalty-free sprites are pretty slim so in all likelihood you're either going to have to hire someone, or figure out a workaround like going 3D or making your own sprites, ala

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