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Help Create the MMORPG of your Dreams! (For Serious Developers)

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Hello, my name is CFrac and I'm a game designer at [url=""]XStreamTech[/url]. We are a semi-big indie game developing team with around 25-30 volunteer members. We focus on bringing the best of our abilities into the games we create and love doing it!

Right now I am leading the artistic and game design portions of a game we call [url=""]HG: Infinite[/url], an online FPS/RTS hybrid game.

Things are slowly starting to take form as our level designer and environmental artists work to create our first map, Normandia.
Anyhow, I've already written the game design document [url=""](GDD)[/url] and now I am sort of laying back and watching our amazing team turn my vision into a real game!

I help with most artistic problems we face while creating the game but I have much free time on my hand.
After we create HG: Infinite we will be on our way to creating another single player game and hopefully be receiving revenue for our efforts by that time.

After this 3rd game is released, we will attempt (but not yet confirmed) to create an awesome [url=""]MMORPG[/url], the funnest of our generation.

Our only limit is our imagination. Hopefully, one of you will be willing to help me create the MMORPG of our dreams, let's make it real.


[b]-Writers with at least 1 year experience.[/b]

[b]-Game Designers with at least 1 previous project they can show for! (Will make exceptions...)[/b]

[b]-Concept Artist with a portfolio.[/b]

[b]-People who have been inspired by video games for 10+ years and have MUCH knowledge about each genre and the history of video games.
([color=#b22222]If you've owned a [url=""]sega dreamcast[/url]or [url=""]gameboy color[/url], you are included in this group).[/color][/b]

[b]-Minimum age to apply: 16.[/b]

[b]-Language: English.[/b]

[b]- Communication Software: [url=""]Skype[/url].[/b]

Thank you to those who take interest in this opportunity.

[size=5]TO APPLY: Please comment on this thread with the expertise of which you will contribute as well as your Skype username. ([url=""][b]PM [/b][/url]me if you want to send Skype name in private).[/size]

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