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Looking for Begginer/Intermediate 2D pixel artist

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My friend and I are looking to make an indie game and both of us suck at art. So we are looking for a beginner or intermediate artist that is looking for experience. Why beginner or intermediate? Because both of us are new to the game development industry. This does not mean we are new to programming however. We also only want beginner or intermediate artists because this will most likely be a non-profit game submited to sites like armour games, though if profit is made the artist will be entitled to his/her 33.33333333 percent share. The game in question is still to be discussed but we are leaning towards a single player medieval rpg simply because we like those games. Work will be fairly laid back I will admit we are both still at school, I am 16 and my friend is 18, so we do have to spend alot of time studying (My friend especially because he is in his final school year). We will mainly work a couple of hours on week ends, it is up to the artist how long he/she spends on work providing that images are produced. There is no guarantee we will go ahead with this but there is no doubt we are both very keen.

For those who are interested:

A 2D pixel artist who can create sprites backdrops scenery etc. Preferably a beginner or intermediate who is passionate for what they do and are looking for experience (Hey if pros want to jump on board be my guest). You could say the graphics we are looking for are pokemon like in nature (saphire/ruby) maybe not so refined.

We live in Australia
Communication will probably be skype
Atleast 4 hours of work a week whenever (acceptions given)

<ATTENTION> Some sort of portfolio or examples of ability required.

I am knew if this is in the wrong place please move this post to the right place. Edited by jbadams
Removed contact information.

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[quote name='Prinz Eugn' timestamp='1347647532' post='4980134']
This belongs in the Help Wanted Classifieds: [url=""][/url],
This. Please use classifieds for any recruiting. You can advertise for free in the "hobbyist" category. Good luck with your project! [img][/img] Edited by jbadams

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