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Recently I started reading Making Games with Python And Pygame via and it's a great book. However, I get to the third chapter (Memory Puzzle) and I feel like they suddenly add in extra features of pygame/python and they aren't explain ahead of time\ at all. Is there a better tutorial that I could use to learn pygame? Pretty much I'm to the point where I should be learning sprites, animation, and collision.

PS, I've searched around the internet for a while for a decent simple sprite tutorial and collision only to find either super advanced tutorials or ones that aren't finished. :(

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I have a Python video tutorial series: [url=""]link[/url].

Instead of pygame, I use [url=""]pslab[/url], which is a small media library that I designed specifically for the series (although, it could be used to make a variety of different games).

... I'm not claiming it's better than pygame (in terms of features, it's definitely not), but pslab does feature a very small/simple API, which should be much easier for beginners to understand and use.

So, if you're interested, you could give that a try.

[quote]I just felt like it skipped many of the basic pygame sections is all.[/quote]

It's very likely that you missed out on some very important information, which would explain why you're stuck.

That, or maybe it's a design flaw in the tutorial, but you can only say that for sure if you don't skip anything. [img][/img]

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