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[php] Receiving email and processing it

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I'm making a newsletter thingy for my website, the forms are already setup, and I'm planning on storing the email addresses in the SQL database (bad idea?).

Then, when I'm ready to send one out, I want to just use my regular email address, but I'll send a single email to an address like '' (whitelisted to only accept email from me), '' will then send out the email to everyone on the list.

Any idea how I can go about doing that? I want everytime a email arrives in '' a php script gets activated with the content of the email, so I can read the subscriber emails from the SQL database, and forward the email to them (and also do some conditional processing on the content of the email received).

How can I know when email arrives, and trigger a PHP script with the content of the email?

(I actually want multiple newsletters, so users can subscribe to different ones based off of desire: "News Updates", "Beta testing", "Announcements and releases", etc...)

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