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2D Tile World Generation

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This question probably has a really simple answer to it but anyway...

I am amazed every time I see Terraria's world generation, or even minecrafts map generation:


How can one develop such world generation? Perlin noise? How did terraria's developer implement that dungeon?

All replies are appricated.

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Perlin noise is probably part of the solution, on the micro level, but there are some more rules that go into making the whole world.

Just by looking at it, they obviously have rules that define how particular types of regions should be built, and those may be selected with either a random chance during the world generation step, or with some probability based upon what is physically near. For instance, you might not want to generate an ocean in the middle of the map, so your world generation rules specify what criteria must be fulfilled in order to generate an ocean.

Say their world generator says that based upon the current state of the generation, it wants to build a deep series of connected and cohesive caverns. It obviously has rules to go about building this particular type of region, and at that point it may use Perlin noise, or some other method of procedural generation, to generate that structure and flow it into the rest of the map.

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In tile-based games I'd see plenty of solutions. Perlin noise is only one of the many solutions.

As nox_pp above pointed out you would need to model the "standards" to best suit your needs.

You can use a tile based approach for small things where you "select" a tile and only consider it's neighbours. It's more or like cellular automata but I think it's only suited if you want to design small stuff because it gets lost in large map generation.

One solution that is greatly used also is by dividing your "map" into parts and specifically coding these out.(if you want, biomes like in Minecraft,Terraria or DF).For those Perlin Noise does its charm.

You can always read Notch's (Minecraft's creator) map generation article (just google it).His world generation algorithm, for me, is a technical marvel (In the early versions of Minecraft I suspect a Perlin Noise *again* heightmap was used).

Whatever method you decide to approach,
Good Luck! Edited by Djfix

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