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Which API? Which Book?

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Hi all,

Recently I've tried learning DirectX, but have only gotten so far now that they have removed DirectPlay and DirectMusic, since the book I was learning from used these.

Since I haven't gotten too far into learning DirectX I was wondering if maybe I should change? I only went with DirectX because it was an all-encompassing API (sound, input, networking etc) but since they've removed that functionality I have no burning desire to stay.

My biggest problem is that any book I've tried to find on amazon or waterstones to do with OpenGL is a bit out of date...

So here's my question? Should I just purchase the latest DirectX 11 book and start again? Are there recommendations to learn OpenGL 4.3 instead (waiting for this book to come out

Also as a further note on both of these routes... where do I go to find out about networking and sound for games now that DirectX hasn't got this and BOTH need other API's...

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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For sound support in DirectX theres


I believe these are all still being supported, theres also DirectSound but XAudio2 replaced that

Alternatively you can use the much popular FMOD

I am not sure of network libraries with C++

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