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Language War Thread (If you don't know what language to use come here)

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There have been so many language war threads recently I figured we should have the definitive language war Thread.
[size=5]For Beginners:[/size]
There's a big debate between beginners on whether they should use C++ or C#, or any other programming language. For the C++ debate, here's the best way I've ever heard anyone describe it:
[quote]C++ is more Complex than C# or Java. It is not "harder" like many people put it. It is simply more complex. In C++ it takes more lines of code to do things than many other languages and there is far more to handle. But, C++ allows you to do many things. Although it is rare to not be able to describe something in C++, many developers feel C++ allows them to describe their classes and coding Perfectly, while other languages can't. There are many programming languages for many things. If you start with C++ and you find it to hard, you're not doing anything wrong by starting to learn C# to. You can learn C# first, and it will probably be easier to start programming games in C# than in C++. If you started with C++ and you are having fun with it, by all means keep on going, experiment. If you are hopelessly lost and keep on having trouble, then just switch to C#, you're not doing anything wrong. Where you have problems is when people have just started a language and people on the forums tell them its not the best language to start out with. Just keep on going, experiment.[/quote]
[size=5]For People who Have made a few simple console Games and don't know how to progress to 2d:[/size]
If you are trying to develop 2d games in C++, I highly recommend [url=""]SFML[/url]. The official documentation is amazing and if you use that with a tutorial from, say, [url=""]gamefromscratch[/url], It isn't such a hard problem to tackle. Before starting SFML, though, you should probably make a few simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe, A text based rpg, checkers. Just some simple games in the console.

If you have a unique problem, please, please just post it in this thread, everyone would be happy to answer it. And experts, feel free to comment and debate on this thread to.

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