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Hi im chris or shin either one is fine to call me,
i have had many ideas on a game but i lack knowing any coding languages really,
even tho i have tried to use the internet to my fullest to learn i just cant learn from reading it off somones web post,
just cant trust me,
so my question is : can somone help me get my idea 'Project' in motion?
i have skype, and time during the weekends and afternoons, get paid like fourty dollars every friday for babysitting so i could possibly pay eventually,
but i want it kinda like this game i play called pockie ninja,
not the same theme or same anything, i just want it like theres is its a flat screen with a user,inventory,other stuff
and theres buttons on the screen to open your inventory and such,
so if anyone can please help me i'd appreciate it so much i have been searching how to do this for at least two weeks and have come up
with nothing,
thanks for your time hope somone can help me with this idea of a game i have

the circles at the bottom are buttons clickable one is a inventory wich displays your items thats one thing i want a button for inventorys and such
also want it to be multiplaye from a web browser or client eventually THANKS FOR READING AND HELPING ME OUT

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Thats a lot to ask, since writing a blog can help millions of people where a one on one chat only helps you. And what is different about a chat other then you can only hear one opinion or solution and getting a quick answer. I'm not sure this will help you more.

Have you asked yourself the question why you are not learning from the internet?

I'd say, start to pick one language and go with it all the way. Start with a easy tutorial, and NOT only read but make, NOT copy but type. And make sure you understand whats going on and only then move on to the next.

My advice, learn slowly in small steps:
PONG is a relatively simple game to make, but once you know how to make it you will be able to make Arkanoid with a bit more effort. Learn some vector basics for enemy movement and you can make then Arakanoid into a shooter. Advance this way, in small steps and don't ask to much from yourself. Eventually it will come to you.

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If you just want to make a small online game where you can play with some friends, you might be able to try [url=""]Realm Crafter[/url] as an easier option -- just don't hope to have a big successful commercial game based on it.

Otherwise I would agree with the above: You need to start smaller and put in the work to learn the basics. If you're having trouble learning from online resources, perhaps you could try to find a class in your area, or could investigate some video tutorials rather than just written posts.

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its going to be really hard for you to find someone who wants to take on your project, however this community might prove helpful if u give programing another try, and whenever u are stucked, there is plenty of people here who would gladly assist u

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