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Made 2 demos and an insanely huge script what can I do to get it to a company

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I have made two Demos that I could submit, but techniquely I would say they are full fledge games with over 10 Hours of game play each. My games are all RPG based, and I have made an insanely large unique script. I am saying that in the following languages I am intermediate with touches in advance in C++, C#, Visual Basic. Although, for my 2 demos I used the Rpg maker engine which greatly helped me to produce. Basically, I just joined 5 mins ago, and I am a beginner at what I am trying to achieve. I would love some help in getting my game truely made. Now when I say script I mean I have wrote out the entire story line, and it is roughly over 500 pages of dialouge and explaining battle events. Plus I already drew out all my items and characters. With all of this how would I get to my final point of getting it published?

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Apologies for the large link-dump, but between them these should answer your question and give you an idea of how to proceed.
[url=""]Preparing a product pitch[/url]
[url=""]Preparing a game demo[/url]
[url=""]The game concept submission process[/url]
[url=""]Selling game designs/ideas[/url]
[url=""]More about submissions[/url]

[url=""]Computer Game Industry (an overview)[/url]
[url=""]Computer Game Publishing (an overview)[/url]
[url=""]Computer Game Development (an overview)[/url]
[url=""]How the game development/production process works[/url]
[url=""]The publishing FAQ[/url]

[url=""]I have a great idea for a game -- how do I sell it?[/url]
[url=""]More about what to do with your original game concept[/url]

[url=""]Indie Fund -- Funding for independent development[/url]

It's pretty uncommon -- to the point that it almost never happens -- to be able to sell your demo to a developer as-is, but you might be able to obtain funding to complete development or self-publish the game. You might get some negative reactions to your use of RPG Maker, but I wouldn't pay them too much attention, as it's [url=""]not unprecedented[/url] to sell a good quality game made with RPG Maker.

In addition to the ideas above, you could also try to obtain crowd-funding through [url=""]Kickstarter[/url], or [url=""]Indie Go Go[/url] to continue your own development or purchase additional assets.

If your demos are essentially fully functional games you could also try publishing as-is. You might consider giving Steam Greenlight a try.

Hope that's helpful! Best of luck! [img][/img]

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