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BlackWind for videogame trademarks?

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Thank you Tom. I already contacted them.
My question was more oriented to how reliable were they (or legal zoom, which seems to be cheapest option, but i still havent know someone who registered something with them). Edited by BlackWind

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It really depends on your on (objective) feeling on your own level of competence in that area.
For example:
I've dealt with a ton of "Work for Hire" contracts in my life-- so I don't feel the need to contact my attorney every time I need to review or sign one. I know that stuff quite well, and only contact my LCA when I see something weird.

But, when I bought/sold my house-- since I know nothing about real estate law, I absolutely hired an attorney. There's no way I'd feel comfortable doing my own "real estate law." Likewise when I incorporated my businesses. Since the downside of doing it wrong is so large (losing the corporate protections) and it wasn't that expensive to do, I let my lawyer handle that.

My opinion? If you're not sure whether you should use Legal Zoom or not, then don't. My hunch is that hiring one of the folks on Tom's list will be only marginally more expensive than Legal Zoom. And if you're serious enough to trademark your businessname or logo, then it's worth the extra couple hundred to have the confidence it's being done correctly.

Brian Schmidt
GameSoundCon 2012 San Francisco
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