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Network (p2p) programming for beginner

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Since I´m a complete noob when it comes to network programming I´m having some trouble grasping the network programming in my current game project. I´ve googled/read alot of tutorials but they´re all different, using different techniques/methods and some where even outdated with deprecated functions.

Using C# 4.0 I want to create a peer 2 peer connection between 2 applications, I´ve created a five-in-a-row game where the game mechanics are done but I´m struggling with the network code. One host will be the server and the second client, but they´re both using same game client/resides in same application.

Almost every tutorial found on via google dont use Forms but the classic "console" style and thats definitely not what I´m looking for, I need Callback functions and I know very little about how those works.

Looking for a _good_ tutorial/explanation on how to make this connection in winforms, kudos for quick explanation of Callbacks and thread-related.

Thanks in advance.

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