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Rcommendation for making a 2D rpg game(The basics)!

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Hello everyone:)
As the toptic says I wan't to start making a small 2D rpg, mostly just for fun and learning. It's not going to be big game, I just want to do the basics.
For now I have experience in ActionScript 3.0 and some Java(Still learning process). I have been thinking about making it in java, so my question is, is it bad to make a 2D rpg in java? Also is it any engines or somthing I should check out. I have tryed Slick2D and lwjgl library, but I don't know if it's the best way to make a 2D rpg, I have also been thinking it should be tilebased.
I appreciate all feeback I can get, or recommendations.
And sorry for not super awesome english!
I am also open for advice like it is better to make such a game in another language and so one. you get my point:)
Thank's folks!:)

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1. Solidify your knowledge of basic Java (Read 1 or 2 good books and watch a web series combined with the official documentation);
2. Learn a library. Either Slick2D or lwjgl would work, just pick one;
3. Try to make something simple like pong or a tetris clone (Despite what you may think both are very hard for a beginner with no tutorials);
4. Experiment. Move on and try to make your own games;

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I can relate to you, as I also thought: let's make a 2d rpg like thing in java. I did a quick scout and found that [url=""]JGame[/url] gives a fast starting point. I'd not recommend it if you want to have a clean engine. But for getting started quickly, there is no match. I used the Dungeons of Hack code as a starting point. There is an applet version if you want to check it out ([url=""]small[/url]) ([url=""]fullscreen[/url]).

Good: you have the code and graphics of this game as a starting point.
Bad: it is not the nicest code. So if you want to learn how to program more than you want to learn how to make a game, I'd stay away for now.

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