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operation inside operations

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for example can i do this
what are the limits in operations inside operations, i mean how many operations inside operations until it stops working. Edited by lomateron

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The answer that is of benefit to you is that there is no limit.
Don’t think too hard about what follows.

The actual answer is that it depends on how the compiler was built. If it traverses the syntax tree recursively, the limit could be around 400,000 or so depending on the size of the stack of the compiler’s traversal thread.
If the compiler uses an explicit stack, the limit would be around 50,000,000 for x86 machines and virtually no limit for x64 machines.

Don’t think too hard about my secondary answer either because 50,000,000 implies operations inside operations only on one side. Meaning only the ride-side operation is nested this deep. If the left is nested only 3 deep, it would not mean you approach the limit by 3.

So, again, for all intents and purposes, there is no limit.

L. Spiro Edited by L. Spiro

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