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Reuben Carter

Magnetic , Physics Game for android, Need feedback!

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Hi, Iv recently been porting a game I designed a while ago to android. I was just wondering what you guys though of the graphics and concept. All iv got is a video at the moment, but soon to have it up on the android app store. Im just thinking it needs somthing... maby different graphics.


Thanks Edited by ReubenCarter

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Really cool!
I love physics simulations. If you want some kind of constructive criticism then the first thing I would say is the presentation. Although the mechanics themselves are cool I doubt many non-devs will like it just because of the graphics (ridiculous I know).
Anyway some ways I think you could improve the graphics (I'm no artist btw).
1. The black background. Doesn't really look cool. I would recommend either putting some kind of backdrop there or if you're looking for a more techy feel then go for a backdrop like the one from geometry wars (basically a multicoloured grid). Another thing you could do is show the magnetic forces through the grid to make it look even cooler (stretch the squares of the grid).
2. The game seems a bit like the feed me oil game. I would recommend giving it your own kind of style. Small things like making the fluid glow or making things shiny could make it look individual.
3. The things that spew the fluid look a bit out of place. Maybe if you made it look like they are connected to something then they would probably blend in more.

But again, really nice. Edited by CryoGenesis

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