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Am I in the right direction? java AI jmonkeySDK

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I am interested in proximity based text alerts and basic Ai enemies walking in predetermined paths for a murder mystery game. Am I right to think that this is purely based on positions or will this get too cumbersome making me rewrite code. Hero is in position(x,y,z) and multiple bad guys are in different badguy(xyz) positions


if (distance_from_hero_to_Badguy<10feet && line of sight=true){ create HUD text alert and give choices to hero}
if(distance from object){provide specific HUD text based clues on that object such as you smell object nearby}
if(click on object){provide specific HUD text based clues on that found object}


Is this correct logic that can be pursued or do i need to do more homework? I attached an image of some triple pre alpha graphics

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