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Draw order on isometric tiles.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around on what the best approach is on what to order to draw sprites to the screen without strange looking artifacts.

Currently i step through each tile and draw everything that is needed on that tile in the right order. If i want to move a row up with my character/units i would change its location once the movement has been completed, otherwise the tile it came from will be drawn on top of it once it started moving.

But What if there is a large structure on the NW side of the tile and it moves up? Granted it will walk through that building but what are your thoughts on this?

I might disable movement like that, but then again, its more of a simulation and i might want to add more larger buildings to the map where the player is allowed to stand on top when it is on the same tile. But when at a tile in the back it looks really weird to still having them drawn on top of the building.

Another approach is to restrict myself to making sprites wider then 60% of the tile. If i do that the effect is hardly noticeable on the scale i work. But what if i want to add mountains that are covering tiles above and want to connect these? If the player moves up on those there has to be a "flash" to where the player stands behind the tiles.


Kinda in doubt on how to take this on. Is there a better way a can not think off? Should i just try to minimize the effect (i work with 32 * 64 tiles) and it will probably hard to be noticeable. Should i just draw all the characters on top of the map, which looks pretty weird i guess.

Just hoping someone has a good solution/answer for this since i am probably not the first :D. Thnx!

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