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Game research project

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Hello guys.

I'm starting my final year research (Degree level) soon and I'm looking for an area of interest to work on.
It is a requirement for the research that we have to solve a problem or improve upon current ideas.
This is where I'm stuck at, I have a few areas that I'm interested to work on but I couldn't think of a problem to solve.

This is basically the areas that I have in mind.
1) lighting techniques
2) collision detection (can be 2d or 3d)

So if you guys could give me some pointers, or even give some new ideas different from mine I would be really appreciate it.

I have some basic knowledge in XNA and OpenGL, so please reply accordingly to my level. Thanks :)

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[quote name='Goran Milovanovic' timestamp='1348458140' post='4983091']
Write some software that utilizes the [url=""]Kinect[/url].

It's the sweet spot: Easy enough to set up - novel enough to project complexity, and therefore impress most people. [img][/img]

I had considered this before, sadly I don't have the money to buy one. But in case I do manage to save up, have you any experience on developing with it that you can share? :)

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