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Need some help to release my allegro-game

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Hello everyone!

i have made a game in c++ with allegro using microsoft visual c++ 2010 express, and i want to send it to my friend. But i have no idea how to release it and make it so it is able to get installed and get working without all kinds of strange errors.

I have watched Mike Geigs tutorials at
He shows at the end at "Part 14.4 Deploying our Allegro 5 Game in Visual Studio 2010" how to release a final product of a game, using the "setup wizard"

But i dont have microsoft visual studio (the full product), and i have no way to afford buying the full product so i cant use the "setup wizard".

i have tried and searched a lot on the internet but i cant really find any anwsers specifically to that [img][/img]

i have also tried to download clickteamcreator which i think is like setupwizard in microsoft visual studio. but i have no idea what files i need to to include and all that messy stuff.

If u guys can help me out, please post a step by step, or post a link to a homepage that actually shows how to do it, because im a bigass newb

I would appreciate it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much


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I think this video might be of some help:

The author has two, one for visual studio which is the previous to this one. This one deals with other compilers, hope this helps.



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