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Aku Lalala

2d platforming game using pygame

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hi all,

i am new to this forum and also in game programming world. i'm trying to create
a 2d platforming game using pygame, but don't know how to do it. i don't know
how to properly create the map for each level, then load the sprite images
based on the map. i couldn't find any tutorials on how to do it.

hope someone here can help me explain the concepts or point me somewhere
on the net where i can learn the concept of doing this kind of thing using pygame.

i still learning pygame, build up a solid base in pygame but at the same time
would like to know how do people create those kind of map thing's in their game.
i couldn't find it anywhere on the net, try to understand from other people's code
from the game i downloaded but couldn't get the idea, maybe the code is to
advanced for me.

it would be very nice if i can get help from here.

thanks :-)

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If you're really inexperienced, you should learn the basics of python without the additional complexities of a library like pygame.

I have a video tutorial series that will guide you through the development of a small memory match game, starting with a terminal-only version, and then using the pslab library (much simpler than pygame, in my opinion) to make the graphical version.

I hope that helps.

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If you don't know python that well I would take Goran's advice and ensure that you have a good understanding of python before diving into pygame and especially video game development in python.

Your question on tile based system is quite vague.

Do you want to know how to build a tile-system in general and the concepts behind it?

Or Do you want to know how to specifically draw and load textures and sprites in pygame?

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thanks for your reply Goran Milovanovic & slicksk8te.
i already know python, but just basic and still learning. i also been learning pygame
for 3weeks now. i still not comfortable with it but making a good progress with it day by day.
just wanna have some fun while learning python / pygame,i would like to try to create
a simple platform / tile-system in 2d.

i want to know in general, how do people setup the game screen, especially the background,
starting on how they create the map for each level, load it with the sprite, mark it / flag each
sprite ( is it a wall or not, etc). this is the only thing i want to know for the this time. i need to know
the basic how in general, the concept behind this platforming tile-based game.

thanks again, and hope you can give me some idea ;)

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At a high level, a tile system is a grid with a specific tile size.
This means that to draw an image at a specific tile location you would use a mapping function that converts a grid coordinate to a screen coordinate:

[source lang="python"]
def ToScreenSpace(xCoord,yCoord):
x = xCoord * TILE_SIZE
y = yCoord * TILE_SIZE

return x,y[/source]
From this you can represent a map with grid coordinates and draw them at screen coordinates.
It is also useful to go back to grid coordinates. For this you would use a similar function but instead of multiplying by tile size you would divide by grid size.

There is an interesting article on this here. It has a lot of good insight on how to do tile based platformer design. I would suggest starting with Type 1 or 2.

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