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ai movement

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ok what i want do is make my ai rotate stop , make a direction to move from the rotation , move in that direction until he reachs the point and then do this over and over again , i know how todo each thing , i just cant keep it going in the main thread, i am sure i am going to need alot of bools.

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You are talking about following a path ?
Then you could do it like this:

// start to follow a path
entity.path = {waypoint1,waypoint2,....waypointn}
entity.path_index = 0

// main loop
if entity.path_index<entity.path.length then
current_wp = entity.path[entity.path_index]
if distance(current_wp,entity.position) < threshold then
// take next index
entity.path_index += 1
// move into direction of next path
direction = normalize(current_wp - entity.position)
...move for 1 frame

[/CODE] Edited by Ashaman73

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