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Carve Library - Rendering in DirectX Problem

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I am using Carve library for my experiment project in DirectX, and the results are coming good, but when i am rendering into my DirectX code, the output mesh seems not looking good (the visual only), is it because of my lighting?, i am using directional light with phong shade (a simple light), when i export the output (.obj format), and opens it in 3D Studio Max, in there also it is looking not good, but with "Object Smooth Groups" Option Enabled in 3ds max Import Dialog, then it is rendered good. And in "Carve Viewer" also, the results looking good, what do i do?, is there a problem with my lighting?, or is there a option in carve library itself?, or any "Smoothing functions" are needed before rendering it? .

Any Suggestions?


I attached the pictures

Picture 1: Rendered in "3D Studio Max 7" with "Object Smooth Groups" Option Enabled in Import Dialog.
Picture 2: rendering in My DirectX Code Edited by sara_DE

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