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GTK+/gtkmm and DirectX?

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I use Java and OpenGL but the main idea may help you.

I tend to use three separate threads: the "main()", the GUI with the tools and an instance of the game "window" (working as the "world editor"). The "main" has a simple job: start the GUI and the "game" and link both with each other. The way to "link" them is by using java "interfaces" (implementing Listener pattern): GUI implements something like WorldBuilderEventListener and WorldEditor implements something like GUIEventListener (with methods as "setPlayerPos(x,y,z)" and the like). So, the "main()" is like:

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]main(){[/font]

gui = GUI(); // class GUI implements WorldBuilderListener { ... }

worldBuilder = WorldBuilder(); // class WorldBuilder implements GUIListener { ... }



// wait for threads to end
[font=courier new,courier,monospace]}[/font]

There's another option: using processes instead of threads (as may be the case if there's no natural integration between GTK+ and DirectX). In this case, my advice is to use sockets to communicate between GUI and WorldEditor.

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