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Pixel-based collision detection with sphere

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I am currently making a pixel based 2D table tennis game where I need to to find the exact point the ball hits the table.
For simplicity reasons I have't programmed the spin of the ball yet.
Can anyone help me with formulas or something else helpful?


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You can get the contact point using this formula:

Pc = C - n[(C-P)dot(n)]

Pc: contact point
C: ball's center
n: the unit vector normal to the table and pointing upward
P: any point on the surface of the table

The quantity [(C-P)dot(n)] is the closest distance from the ball's center to the table. If this distance is greater than the ball's radius, there is no collision.. Edited by m_a_s_gp

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If you want an analytic solution, neglecting friction:

y(x) = y0 + vy*(x-x0)/vx - 0.5 * g * [(x-x0)/vx]^2

vx,vy : initial speed in x and y directions
y0,x0 : initial position
g : acceleration due to gravity

impact is when y(x) = h + r
where h is the height of the table and r the radius of the ball

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