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how to get Pulse from Game for Vibration Joystick?

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for example: in NFS Game the car accident with we want to get Pulse collision and send to vibration motor?
Please say me which Dll Directx must be Connect?

Please Help me

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The right path is to:

0. Find a microprocessor that embeds your favorite architecture (e.g. ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051, etc) + a USB endpoint that implements your preferred USB specification. or some composite of both.

1. Find an appropriate DC Motors and batteries (~6V, 1AH should suffice) + choose an appropriate motor driver that supports PWM output in order to control motor speed.

2. Find your relevant push buttons & potentiometers and Sold everything according to your design.

3. Write your own custom firmwares + an HID minidriver.

4. Communicate through Xinput and/or DirectInput (depends on your design).

Alternatively, you can use an evaluation board such as an Arduino and transfer data through RS232 port. Edited by Eliad Moshe

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