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DragonHeart concept

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My game is about the player fighting a different kind of a dragon based on the first mission the player completes in the game. My game is Action-Adventure kind with elements of rpg. The goal of the game is to complete missions and beat the dragon at the end. The challenges are that when you complete your first mission of your choice, you get a transform which will tell you briefly about your forms and abilities. But the rest you will have to talk to other people to find out more of what else you can do in your form.

I know its not clear right now but its just a concept my college has approved. Any ideas of how it can be improved?

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So did I get this right? When you begin the game, you can choose to either complete mission A, B or C. Upon completion you will be assigned an character-archetype player(A), player(B) or player©, depending on which of the missions you've completed. Then you go on other quests in order to raise your stats and (probably) advance the story. At the end of the game, there is a boss-fight against either dragon(A), dragon(B) or dragon©, depending on which was your first mission to complete.
The concept of the different endbosses could be interesting, but why don't you take it a little further. I don't mean for you to design 200 different dragons, but think of sth. like this:
There are main-quests to advance in skills as well as in story and sidequests which only benefit your skills. Have at least the main quests have several ways of completion with different results on your skills (one giving you new armor, the other a training lesson in swordfight as a classic example). Now add a second, hidden skilltree for the dragon. Each time you complete a sidequest, the dragon gains a predefined skill without the knowledge of the player (get rid of rat-plague: dragon gains +1 in spitting fire). Each time you complete a main quest, the dragon gets a skill in the skilltree, depending on which way you've finished the quest (kill the guard and steal the macguffin: dragon advances on the strength-branch; get the guard what he desires and have him hand over the macguffin: dragon advances on the agility-branch). If you want, you can have the choices slightly unbalanced, so that different kinds of gameplay result in differently hard boss-fights or just be satisfied with the bosses each having different weaknesses and strength. Finally, lean back and enjoy the discussions in the comments below the walkthroughs on how to fight the final dragon.
I realize that this might be too much content to implement if you've only got one term, but if you have the time and ressources, consequent implemention of the main feature is the selling point of many great games.

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