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Nails'n wood: Pre version of a webGL game

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Hi, I'm posting here to introduce a very basic hobby game I've been working on for the last month.


It's a in browser 3D game based on patchinko. I'm looking for people to test it, give me feedback and maybe write maps.
It's available here: https://github.com/yazgoo/nails_n_wood
It's playable here: http://naw1-yazgoo.rhcloud.com/
It has only been tested on firefox as of today and it's still buggy.

Toward 0.1 version

The goal being to release a stable 0.1 version soon with just the functionnalities I developed on current version which are:

  • playing «Official» levels which must be as polished as possible (which is far from being the case now)
  • editing and playing «Custom» levels
  • automated game tests

    I'll be targeting last versions of firefox, google chrome and internet explorer.

    Toward 0.2

    When this first milestone is reached, I'll be focusing on 0.2, which should (nothing sure here) bring the following:

    • money (or at least credits) you gain by playing and you use to «buy» stuff (textures, shaders, unlock maps…)
    • map sharing (would love to use something like bittorent torque for this if it's possible).

      Wanna help?

      I'm just a beginner in game development so maybe I'm not focusing on important things, so I'm opened to suggestions.
      If you'd like to contribute maps or anything (e.g. open issues on github), this would be awesome.
      You can write maps via the in game editor or your favourite image editor.

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