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[b][i][url=""]Horror Suspense Game Music Pack[/url][/i][/b]
Building that next horror survival game in UDK or Unity and you need that awesome sound track to go with it? Horror Suspense game music pack has 5 tracks suited for that eerie suspenseful moments in any 3rd or 1st person game
[i][b][url=""]Fantasy Game Music Pack[/url][/b][/i]
Fantasy game music pack has 5 amazing tracks suited for game trailer or in game music. Perfect for that rts, mmo, rpg styled game.
[b][i][url=""]Electronica Game pack 1[/url][/i][/b]
3 trance styled dance tracks looped perfect for any video game
[i][b]Or purchase on the unity store:[/b][/i]

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